Corylus cornuta - Hazelnut

Corylus cornuta

Family: Betulaceae

Common name: Beaked Hazel, hazelnut

General bloom time: Late winter, inconspicuous flowers open, leaves open in March-April.

Identification: deciduous shrubby hazel found in most of North America, can reach 4 – 8 m tall with stems 10 – 25 cm thick with smooth gray bark

Leaves: The leaves are rounded oval, coarsely double-toothed, 5–11 cm long and 3 – 8 cm broad, with hairy undersides.

Flowers: They form catkins in the fall and pollinate the flowers, which appear in late winter

Fruit:  An acorn-like brown nut about 2 cm in diameter, completely concealed by two, leafy, coarsely toothed (husk-like) bracts fused at the tip and forming an extended “beak”.

Habitat: It grows in dry woodlands and forest edges






USDA Dept. Agrlculture

Oregon Flora Project



Captured Phenology Stages of Corylus cornuta - Hazelnut

Leaf Not Yet Emerging
Photograph taken by Kerissa Fuccillo

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