Analysis Tools


This tool will generate graphs from a dataset you provide. While each type of graph has some parameters specific to it, the parameters under All Graphs apply to any type graph you choose. Note that some will be set by default, but replaced if you provide an alternative. A template file to help you generate properly formatted datasets can be dowloaded here.

All Graphs
If the test results are saved, this will be the title of the page that displays them.
Dataset copied from Excel with the appropriate format.
The column number(s) of the continuous variable(s) to be graphed. Where applicable, this designates the Y-axis. If two or more variables are specified (e.g., 1-3,5,8), they will be drawn in different graphs. For multiple series to appear in one graph, organize the dataset such that all of the numbers for one graph are in a single column, with a second column containing grouping codes for each value.