Analysis Tools


This tool provides numeric and graphic means of identifying linear relationships among continuous variables.

Note that any row containing missing values will be dropped.
Scatterplot Matrix

One way to quickly see how variables within a dataset relate to each other is to plot all pairwise combinations. You can do this by requesting a scatterplot matrix to be created along with the analysis.

The image to the right shows an example of a scatterplot matrix for three hypothetical variables in a study of evaporation.

Plots all selected variables against all others.
If the test results are saved, this will be the title of the page that displays them.
Dataset copied from Excel with the appropriate format.
The column number(s) of the variable(s) for which to compute correlation coefficientsn (e.g., 1,4 or 1-3). If left blank, all columns in the dataset that contain numbers will be used.