Modeling Software


Here is the link to the software: Modeling Diagram Software
Begin constructing the model starting with two main variables (use circles for organisms). Qualitative models are typically  consist of ecological ‘components’. A component is any variable part of an ecosystem. For example, an ecosystem component could be a population of a given species, or the amount of nitrogen held in the soil, or the temperature of the water in a stream. Abiotic elements consist of triangles.
Click on the circle icon, then click again onto the design palate, and when the circle appears,  expand the circle   Click on the T  (text) icon and click again on top of or near  the circle. Write the name of the component in the text box. Repeat for the second main component. If your second component is abiotic, use a triangle instead of a circle. Insert the title of that component using the text box function.

What is the relationship between these? Qualitative models also include positive, neutral or negative ‘links’ (arrows).   Links are symbols that represent interactions occurring between components. These can be used to show a flow of materials or energy between components, or to indicate a causal effect of one component on another.  Interactions between populations of different species in a community can be classified with combinations of the three symbols {–,0,+}. We use a simple line for no effect or unchanged.

Click the arrow icon, and draw in arrows connecting your two main components by doing the following:

Insert the correct type of arrow by first left ckicking on the word "label" on the arrow in your design palate. This will open up 9 different types of arrows. Select the one that represents the relationship.

Next, click on the Text box (T) icon, and double click on the arrow. This will open up a text box. Delete the word "lable" and add the name for and description of the relationship between the two variables.

Add another 3 or 4 additional important components to the model one by one. One component of your model should be temperature, another might be percipitation. The modeling program will not permit you to add more than these. As each component is added, think about how the component would interact with the components already entered into the model.  Add the appropriate arrows. The modeling program will allow you to move them freely until you are satisfied with the pattern. As interactions are added, decide which interactions seem to be significant and which seem less important; do not display these. However, you might include a description of other variables or factors in yor essay.

Click on the "Download" button. This will save your image. Make sure your browser is set to save on your desktop. If you cannot do this, click on the saved image, rename it, and direct it to be saved in your desired location for editing, addition of explanations, future use and printing. To reuse this image, you can click on the upload button and select the desired model.