Teacher Research at Shortgrass Steppe

Teachers participated in research studies in a collaborative manner with an ecologist and developed posters of their projects. Several examples of these posters appear below:

Barn swallows foraging for food : I chose 3 different areas to observe the feeding habits of Barn Swallows. The areas are located on the south side of the lake, approximately 10 meters south of the Lacustrine Road.

Utilization of perches within red-winged blackbird territory : What factors determine how productively valuable a breeding site is?

Does the preference to either taproot or rhizomatous plants by terrestrial arthropds affect the nitrogen content in soils? : The soil nitrogen around the taproot will be lower in content, thus species diversity of terrestrial arthropods will be lower. A taproot grows deeper in the soil, thus grows mostly in an area that contains less nitrogen content.

Twick or Tweet, Give me something good to eat : We tested for a preference in foraging a certain type of seed if given equal access to 4 types of seeds including: dryland grass seeds, sunflower seeds, jubilee corn seeds, and tender treat red corn seeds.